Job Seekers

At Talentpro we know that nothing is more important to you than your career. We listen to what your career goals are and identify opportunities that will offer to you a significantly better circumstance than where you presently are with the ideal level of “Career Stretch”. This will ensure your new role will not only offer exactly what you are seeking, but also not leave you feeling bored, overwhelmed or over worked.

We Offer Three Types of Employment Services

Contract Placement

Work on a temporary assignment with the intention of becoming a full-time employee. This allows you the flexibility and time to “try before you buy” prior to making a long-term commitment.

Consultant-to-Hire Placement

With Talentpro your company has teamed with industry experts to help develop a unique strategic workforce plan that will reflect your company culture, needs and goals.

Direct Placement

Let us find for you a full-time permanent position that suits your personality, talent, and career ambitions.